Security onboard

WEATHER. Make sure that you always know the weather report. Remember that the weather conditions do change rapidly on the coast of Norway. Observe the weather during the boattrip. Never go far out on the open sea.

ALCOHOL. Never use the boat when under influence of alcohol.

LIFE JACKETS. Always wear life jackets, or at least have them near by, one for each passenger. The boat can be used of max. four persons. If you have to change places onboard, make sure that only one person at the time is standing in an upright position.

TELEPHONES. Always have at least one cellular phone onboard. Please save our telephone number in this phone. If there is an acute emergency you can call 112.

SEAMAP. Always have a seamap on board and make sure you use this map both onshore and onboard.

TRAFIC RULES. If you meet other boats the rules are about the same as if you drive a car. But remember that larger ships and vessels have the right to drive first.